Toast 7 Titanium
Complete your digital life - toast everything!

Toast 7 is the best way to save, share and enjoy a lifetime of digital music, movies and photos on CD and DVD. Burn large files across multiple discs. Compress and copy DVD movies. Add over 50 hours of music to an audio DVD with on-screen TV menus, shuffle play, and rich Dolby Digital sound. Turn DivX files into DVDs. Create stunning multi-image HD slideshows with collages, motion effects, titles and background soundtracks. Enjoy HD playback in your living room today! Do it all with the fastest and most reliable burning software for the Mac OS - Toast.

Toast 7 Titanium

Make Difficult Things Easier

Things that were the hard way are now the easy, familiar Toast 7 way drag, drop, burn. Turn DivX movies into DVDs, export and convert audio and video into a variety of formats for editing and playback, and make custom Mac & PC hybrid discs easier than ever.

Make Great Things Better

Things that were already great in Toast, are now better than ever in Toast 7. Create widescreen DVDs with new custom menu styles and video encoding options, compress and copy DVDs, convert LPs and tapes to CD or your iPod, and access your digital life right in Toast.

Make Impossible Things Possible

Things that were impossible to do in the Mac OS or iLife, are now possible with Toast 7. Enjoy 50+ hour music DVDs with rich Dolby sound, turn still photos into multi-image HD slideshows, backup files of any size across multiple discs, and create DivX HD discs.